The all new xnBI (Business Intelligence) by Xn protel. Taking hospitality reporting, analytics & dashboards to new heights.

xnBI LinkedIn promo Jan 2020

It's more than just a reporting suite!

xnBI delivers superior metrics & deep insights into your data, by consolidating databases used at your business across all of your operations and converging them into one data warehouse to enable total analysis, KPI & visualization, right down to the transaction level.

Understand & visualize your data in multiple dimensions. Get insights across business segments & departments for a more comprehensive picture on what drives your organization.

xnBI is:

  • infinitely scalable for your organization
  • powered by the latest Microsoft Power BI web front-end
  • leveraging the xnDW (data warehouse) consolidated data set
  • converging disparate systems & data sets together to form one common reporting platform
  • drawing relationships between your customers, operations & departments
  • visualizing & understanding what your data story is
  • information and KPI's at a glance, departmentally
  • slicing, filtering, drill-down & visualizing data into many dimensions 
  • displaying cost & revenue trends by time | day | date | period
  • identifying high & low value performers by customer type
  • optimizing your operations ahead of time
  • multi-currency supported
  • single or multi-property deployed