Hotel Enterprise Service Bus

Enterprise Service Bus technology

With protel's new enterprise hospitality platform, the technology allows hotels with multiple integrations to aggregate all specialist technology behavior to a central level. Thus, creating a secure, vendor-neutral, open infrastructure to store, access, integrate and use data from any guest touch-point in real time.

The platform consists of an enterprise service bus called protel.I/O, a multi-hotel solution called protel CENTRAL and protel GENIUS, a data-store and recommendation engine.

Take control of your technology infrastructure and create best of breed ecosystems that deliver best-in-class guest experiences.

Simplify the integration process
and excel using smart, liberated data

Robustly validated and secure data communication in real-time.

Solutions That Fit (White) 100 x 100
Trial and use technologies without integration nightmares
Have a vendor-neutral technology stack
Capture valuable insights in real-time. And act on them!
Drive rapid business change
Superior personalized service experience
Superior personalized service experience
Up-sell and cross-sell via WHISPER screens

Connected and secure: Robust, efficient data layer.



  • Guaranteed API integrity
  • Guaranteed data security & validation
  • HTNG standardized
  • Real-time 2-way communication
  • Hotel-wide, deep integration
  • Access all data-calls
  • Massively scalable


protel.IO diagram - v3

ESB Demonstration