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Xn protel Systems provides the first hotel EPoS integration connecting protel.I/O with its xnPOS product

xnPOS utilizes the protel.I/O Enterprise Hospitality Framework and protel GENIUS analytics engine to provide F&B staff with real-time guest profile prompts that provide a uniquely tailored guest experience and help drive upselling activity.

London, United Kingdom – Global hospitality management software provider Xn protel Systems today announced at HITEC Toronto the integration of xnPOS hotel EPoS to protel.I/O, the groundbreaking Enterprise Hospitality Framework from protel hotelsoftware.

The protel.I/O Enterprise Hospitality Framework utilizes powerful Enterprise Service Bus technology to provide a cost-effective, highly flexible integration platform allowing the rapid connection of leading hospitality applications using industry-standard HTNG-based protocols. protel.I/O uses a new paradigm of ‘point-to-multi-point’ integration, such that a single POS transaction can simultaneously update the PMS, stock, CRM and loyalty points systems with all relevant details. By harnessing a powerful data warehouse 100% of all data from all systems connected to protel I/O is captured for further reporting and analysis. protel.I/O is a native cloud application, built on Amazon Web Services, that scales with demand and provides very fast performance.

protel.I/O allows deep integration for xnPOS to the hotel’s PMS and all other applications that are connected to the hospitality ecosystem, allowing all POS transactions to be captured and analyzed using protel’s highly sophisticated and powerful protel GENIUS analytics engine. This facilitates the provision of real-time suggestions (‘whispers’) to F&B staff, with individualized cues and offers, so they give guests a uniquely tailored service while also making upsell recommendations. In addition, protel.I/O allows xnPOS to update the hotel’s CRM and/or loyalty scheme, providing rich data in real time. This further enhances the hotel’s ability to deliver highly individualized service offerings to guests, adding value to loyalty systems, enhancing brand loyalty and generating revenue.

Whisper screen

Greg Spicer, CEO of Xn protel Systems said, “protel.I/O, together with protel GENIUS, is highly innovative and disruptive technology that finally gives hotels the ability to use their ‘big data’ productively in real time. As the first POS integration partner for protel.I/O we are very excited about providing our customers with these extremely powerful tools. They will help them increase revenue and enhance guest satisfaction. Utilizing protel.I/O and protel GENIUS makes our xnPOS product a front-runner for innovative, guest-centric hotel F&B outlets worldwide.”

Pete Simpson, SVP of Global Business Technology for protel hotelsoftware commented, “protel will be the first hospitality technology provider to apply predictive analytics to big data that is collected, analyzed and actioned in real time. protel I/O provides the perfect vehicle to collect the data, protel GENIUS advanced analytics provides the tools to really leverage the data effectively.”

To find out more come and see xnPOS and protel.I/O in action in booth (protel #727) at HITEC Toronto, June 26–29, 2017, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada.


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