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The importance of data security and compliance for our hotel IT solutions

We've appointed Mike Hall as our Vice President of Infrastructure, Compliance and Security to oversee our key strategy for data security and compliance.


An important part of Mike’s role will be to act as Data Protection Officer (DPO) to ensure that Xn protel Systems complies with all aspects of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force in May 2018. As DPO he will also have the responsibility to ensure that our software applications provide our clients with the appropriate functionality to help them achieve GDPR compliance within their own businesses. Mike is an active contributor to the newly formed HTNG GDPR for Hospitality Work Group.


Mike’s role will also include PCI DSS compliance and ensuring that Xn protel applications and IT infrastructure maintain the highest standards of physical security, supported by appropriate policies and procedures.


Mike joined Xn protel Systems in 2012 with a remit to set up a dedicated private cloud to provide hosting and IT infrastructure services to our clients. This business unit has grown successfully over the last five years providing clients with cost effective hosting services and achieving very high levels of performance and up time.


Greg Spicer, Chief Executive of Xn protel Systems commented: “Data security breaches are unfortunately becoming ever more common in the hospitality industry. It is therefore vital that the vendor community acts to ensure that everything possible is done to protect our clients, and their guests, from such attacks. The appointment of Mike Hall as our Vice President of Infrastructure, Compliance and Security is a key part of our strategy and demonstrates how seriously we take these issues.”


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