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The Edinburgh Collection rekindles its PMS relationship with Xn Hotel Systems and protel

The Edinburgh Collection comprises a portfolio of 4 unique properties, from serviced apartments to 5-star boutique, in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland. The group has recently renewed its PMS partnership with Xn Hotel Systems after a 3 year hiatus.

In late 2010, the group doubled its portfolio with the acquisition of The Howard and Channings hotels. Faced with a dual PMS environment (protel and Opera), the group decided to reduce its costs and to centralise its operation on a lower priced, Internet-based PMS, also from the UK. Driven by the increasing trend towards online bookings, the management team then implemented a strategy to utilise best of breed channel management and web booking platforms. A seamlessly interfaced environment was deemed essential to this strategy and the group switched back to protel in order to achieve this.

“We always had a strong relationship with Xn, so it was a very easy decision for us to move our hotels back onto protel when we realised that the PMS we had implemented does not provide the key interfaces we needed to drive our business forward”, stated Ricky Kapoor, Director.

The hotels all went live on protel in December 2014.