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Dart Marina Hotel & Spa upgrades from dotPOS to xnPOS Hospitality EPoS software

Dart Marina upgraded from dotPOS to xnPOS Hospitalty EPoS software because they wanted the ability to have more control and better response time to changes on the floor.

Dart Marina is a luxury 4-star hotel set in a beautiful spot by the River Dart in Dartmouth, UK. All rooms have stunning views, many with a balcony. Its market has a traditional slant on things and guests enjoy those things that technology hasn’t altered, like ‘proper keys’ and people to talk to when they make a booking.


Paul Downing, Group Managing Director, Dart Marina said, “Our technology has to be used in a subtle way, to help with our efficiencies but without losing the essence of hospitality that can only come from our people.”

Paul continues, “Our protel / xnPOS Hospitality EPoS software setup is all about providing real time data that helps support our decision making. We can proudly say we achieved the goals we set out for both our guest experience and our hotel management. Paul’s advice when considering an upgrade from dotPOS to xnPOS is, “Use the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start with a clean database.”


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