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Virgin Limited Edition extends its relationship with Xn Hotel Systems to include hosting services, spa/activity management and an extended portfolio

“Limited Edition” usually implies something extraordinary and rare which offers something better, more exclusive and more desirable… well, that’s exactly what Virgin Limited Edition does!

Virgin Limited Edition is Sir Richard Branson’s collection of stunning retreats. It includes a private island, mountain retreat, game reserve, catamaran, lodge, tented camp, vineyard, restaurant, and a private members club. Eclectic, yes, but all are unique and operate with the sole aim of creating amazing experiences.

A client of Xn Hotel Systems and user of the protel multi-property PMS since 2010, Virgin Limited Edition has engaged Xn to provide additional products and services over the past 12 months.

Since its initial installation, protel had been hosted for the group by a third party, using a data centre in Italy. With the objective of maximizing performance and simplifying the supplier chain, protel was migrated to Xn’s Tier 3, co-located, UK hosting environment in 2014.

During 2014, Xn also implemented ‘Reservation Assistant’ at Necker Island. A mature and highly functional spa and activity management system, and the latest addition to the Xn range of hospitality solutions, the system integrates in real time with protel for the exchange of extensive profile and booking data, providing the team at Virgin Limited Edition with key guest information and a single guest itinerary in protel.

Virgin Limited Edition has continued to expand its portfolio of properties and protel remains the PMS of choice for the group. The latest addition to the collection is Mont Rochelle, a stunning 22-bedroom Hotel and Vineyard just under an hour’s drive from Cape Town in the town of Franschhoek in South Africa.

“We have a great working relationship with Xn Hotel Systems and are pleased with the performance of the additional services and products that we have taken on over the last 12 months”, stated Jon Brown, Managing Director, Virgin Limited Edition