Globally proven hospitality IT solutions for Vietnam

Smart Data, Big Data and private Data

Understand how to store and leverage transactional data for profit optimization and service.

Greg Spicer, our CEO, is speaking at the Global Hotels & Resorts event 2017, sharing his vast experience working with some of the largest (and smallest) hotels and resorts around the world. He provides thoughts and suggestions about how globally proven and scalable hotel IT solutions can support the growing needs of Vietnam's tourism and hotel industry.


  • How to leverage transactional data
  • Practical ways to store and monetize data obtained from property systems
  • Stringent new GDPR European personal data regulations

With 62% occupancy rate and 82% international guests, Vietnam Hotel & Resort Industry offers huge potential towards tourism revenue. In terms of International Tourists, Vietnam is at number 5 in ASEAN.

Global Hotels and Resorts 2017 is a two day strategic business conference focused on the regional opportunities and focuses on creating a dynamic platform for hotel and resort owners, developers, contractors and public sector stakeholders to not only explore business opportunities in the Asia Pacific region but also to get in-line with the key market trends in the hospitality industry across the globe and ways in which we can tackle the diversifying market.


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4th - 5th December 2017

Park Hyatt Saigon, Ho Chi minh City, Vietnam