Independent Hotels
Stand out.
You’re unique.

Be distinctive with your service. You’re not like anyone else. We recognize that.

Excel in your individuality and allow your service to stand out from the crowd. Get the best technology that does everything you need for great service and smooth operations. Know that it’s been designed to support your uniqueness, not stifle it.

There won’t be any nasty surprises. Simple, clear pricing is what you want. Honest, dedicated, friendly support is also high on your list. We always aim high on the things that matter. You’re important to us.

Affordable, easy to implement, flexible solutions that integrate with your existing technology and systems.

Simplify IT
Simplify IT

Go to one place for your business-critical applications and hosting services. Pick and mix to match your needs. Make it easier to support your processes and systems. Reduce training requirements.

Level playing field
Level playing field

Have the same great technology as the big brands, with proven delivery. But at a price and scale that’s right for you. Empower and delight guests with mobile apps and a seamless guest journey. Raise staff productivity by arming them with mobile productivity tools.

Grow revenue
Grow revenue

Maximize revenue and reduce acquisition costs by seamlessly integrating relevant electronic channels, including OTAs, GDS and direct bookings. Turn guest data into profit with intelligent, personalized and automated marketing tools.

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Locally installed, hosted or cloud property management system that fits your specific needs.

Robust, fast, F&B Point of Sale that enables a speedy service. With integration to your PMS.

Cloud-based analytics, KPI's and insights on-demand. Understand your data.

Seamless management spa, golf, activity, membership, retail POS and dining management.

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