The objectives of the Xn protel Systems Group Limited Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy are:

  • to balance the requirements of all stakeholders in the business while minimizing any adverse impact of the business on the environment and communities in which it operates;
  • to consult with and seek feedback from all stakeholders on CSR issues and ideas for improvement;
  • to provide employees with a rewarding and challenging career with the opportunity for development and the guarantee of equality of opportunity;
  • to provide all employees with a comfortable and safe working environment;
  • to encourage all employees to get involved with their local communities;
  • to always act ethically with all stakeholders and communicate in an open and transparent manner;
  • to encourage stakeholders outside the Xn protel Systems business to comply with the principles and spirit of the Xn protel Systems CSR Policy;
  • to regularly review the effect of our business activities on the environment and take positive actions to minimize any adverse impact; and
  • to review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals.

Greg Spicer Chief Executive

Employment principles

Xn protel Systems is an equal opportunities employer.

We believe that a significant part of our success is based on maintaining and developing an environment where our employees are recognized as individuals and are provided with opportunities to realize their full potential.

We are committed to ensuring, within the framework of the law, that Xn protel Systems’ workplaces are free from unlawful discrimination on the grounds of age, colour, fixed term status, flexible or part time working arrangements, gender, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, nationality, physical or mental disability, pregnancy or maternity leave, race or ethnic or national origins, religion or belief or sexual orientation.

We aim to ensure that employees achieve their full potential and that all employment decisions are taken based on merits, without reference to irrelevant or discriminatory criteria.

We are committed to ensuring that all employees and applicants for employment are protected from unlawful discrimination in employment and are treated equally (except in circumstances where differing treatment is justifiable by being a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate business aim).

This policy also applies to any other person or organization (including agencies, consultants or contractors) performing services on behalf of Xn protel Systems.

Xn protel Systems is committed to providing for its employees a comfortable working environment free from unlawful discrimination, harassment or bullying of any kind. The Company prohibits such behaviour by any of its employees. Such behaviour may contravene this policy even if it occurs away from the place of work.

All employees are entitled to a working environment which respects their personal dignity and which is free from such objectionable conduct.

All employees are entitled to a safe working environment which minimizes the risk of accident or injury while they are at work. We have reviewed the potential health and safety risks within the business and our policies and procedures to ensure a safe work place are set out in the Xn protel Systems Health & Safety Policy Statement which is published on the Xn protel Systems Intranet.

Acting ethically is one of the underlying principles of our company and its business. Our aim is to ensure consistent and fair treatment of each other and to uphold the professional standards that we expect.


As a small company involved in the ICT industry our impact on the environment is modest compared to companies in other sectors. Having said that we should not be complacent and must always strive to reduce any adverse environmental impact that our activities do create.

The areas in which we believe that we can have a positive impact on the environment are through:

  • Reduced business travel through shared transport, better journey planning and increased usage of video conferencing to reduce air travel
  • Reduced energy consumption in all offices including wherever possible turning off all servers and pcs which are not in operation
  • Proper disposal of all obsolete computer equipment
  • Reduced usage of paper by wherever possible working electronically and not producing paper copies of documents


We encourage all staff to actively engage in activities in support of and improvement of their local communities.

As an international business Xn protel Systems is also conscious of its responsibility to the international community and is committed to identifying and supporting a charitable cause in one of the developing countries in which we operate.


Overall and final responsibility for CSR is that of Greg Spicer, CEO, Xn protel Systems Group Limited.

Responsibility for ensuring this policy is put into practice is delegated to the CSR committee comprising:

Greg Spicer, CEO

Mark Pearman, President & CFO

  • The CSR Committee will meet every six months and review the overall effectiveness of the CSR including any feedback or improvement ideas received from staff. The minutes of the CSR Committee meetings will be published on the Xn protel Systems Intranet.
  • While the CSR Committee is responsible for the overall implementation of the CSR Policy it the responsibility of each line manager and each member of staff to take such actions as are necessary to comply with the CSR Policy.
  • Where appropriate the CSR Committee will publish specific policies (e.g. Health & Safety) to ensure the successful implementation of the overall CSR Policy.
  • Xn protel Systems staff are actively encouraged to raise any CSR issues or ideas for improvement with their line management who will pass on any such feedback to the CSR Committee for their consideration.