Successful, long-term growth of your independent or multi-unit hospitality operation is a challenge. Whether you operate a private property, a hotel chain or other hospitality foodservice operation, one of the most important decisions you will make is the choice of POS technology.   xnPOS is an innovative food & beverage management system, designed by F&B POS technology experts and influenced by leading operators in the hospitality industry. xnPOS was created to support the unique dynamics of F&B operations with simple-to-use modules, cued to help staff serve customers more efficiently.  xnPOS is typically deployed as a part local, part web-based, hosted solution. Each terminal is capable of trading standalone in the event of internet failure, queuing transactions until a connection is re-established to the back office module, which is hosted in a data centre and accessed via web browser. 

    Key Benefits

  • xnPOS is flexible. The system can be configured to run from a local server or from regional and centralised servers. Its modular design allows an organisation to deploy the system in the most suitable manner.
  • xnPOS can grow with your business – it’s been designed to scale up as your business expands.
  • xnPOS can integrate by supporting the development of interfaces to third-party products such as hotel PMS, supply chain management, accounting, EFTPOS.
  • xnPOS can manage the global update and distribution of database changes and application version updates from a central point.


Front of House   xnPOS successfully combines ease of use, speed of operation and breadth of functionality for optimal Front of House customer service. Core features include:  

  • Cashiering and POS transactions
  • Remote kitchen, bar and dispense printing
  • Table management
  • Shift-based X/Z reports
  • Handheld operations
  • Advanced PMS interfaces
    • Room transfer
    • Credit check
    • Support for inclusive allowances
    • Transfer of all non-resident revenue and payments
    • Guest profile lookup
    • Bill recall from PMS
    • Dynamic meal plan report


restaurant pos system hotel operational performance report


Back Office   xnPOS incorporates a powerful, web-based, Back Office module. Hosted from Xn protel’s Tier 3, co-located data centres, xnPOS Back Office can be accessed from anywhere at any time to view real time, comprehensive reporting on sales, staff performance, inventory control and other key metrics.  

  • Stock module (or interface to 3rd party stock and procurement management systems)
  • Management procedures
  • Data mining tool for on-the-fly reporting
  • Time and attendance control
  • Till, safe and cash management
  • Electronic journals
  • Full audit trail and reporting on user activity – sales, no sales, discounts, voids, error corrects


Mobile   The worldwide explosion in smartphone and tablet sales over recent years presents a huge opportunity for the hospitality industry at large and the F&B operation in particular. Xn protel has harnessed this technology to help our customers provide a superior service experience to their guests.  

Waiter service Superior battery life, state-of-the art wireless connectivity, low price and high usability mean that smartphones and tablets are the perfect devices for waiter service at the table or on the move. xnPOS offers a simple but functional module for use on the Android platform, with alternative options available for platforms such as Windows.  

Room service Although still in its infancy, demand is growing rapidly for in-room self-service using mobile technology, whether on the guest’s own device or supplied by the hotel.   Amongst the various hotel services available to the guest by this method, room service heads the list and offers the most significant opportunity to maximise revenue. Intuitive, well designed and easy-to-use screens guide the guest through the hotel’s menu, providing ample upsell options along the way. Orders are sent directly to the POS system and charges posted to the room account in the PMS. For more information, please contact your local office.