Xn globalRES

Xn globalRES is a comprehensive, web-based, integrated electronic reservation management solution. The system includes 2 way “next generation seamless” connectivity to all 4 Global Distribution Systems (GDS), via the Pegasus distribution switch, connectivity options to Internet Distribution System (IDS) channels, and a customisable, private label Web Booking System (WBS).


Since launching in 2005, Xn globalRES has been continually developing its services to meet global client demands, through regionally certified payment gateway solutions, mobile booking capability and integration with social networking websites.


Our next generation platform, planned for release to beta clients in Q2, 2014, is based on the strategic vision of a cloud-based, unified global Central Reservations, Profile Management and Distribution Management application suite, which can be integrated with multiple third party property management and other hotel systems to provide an end-to-end solution. For more information, please contact us.


We also provide the following complementary services:


  • RFP submission process via Lanyon portal for Corporate Negotiated Rates & Consortia Programmes
  • Partner in American Express Preferred Extras Hotel Programme
  • Consortia Consultancy & Sales Representation Services
  • Leonardo Image Inventory and Distribution
  • Centralised Monthly Commission Clearing Services
  • Certification of Brand Chain Code for larger groups
  • Regional Payment Gateway Options for Web Booking (i.e Worldpay, Ogone, DIBS, MiGs, Bank of Australia, Bank of New Zealand, Emirates Bank)
  • Rate & Revenue Consultancy Services
  • Integration with 3rd Party Revenue Management Systems including IdeaS






Through the certification of the Xn chain code with the Pegasus switch, Xn globalRES provides a powerful single inventory update to the four main GDS systems – Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo and Worldspan.

Benefits include:

  • 2-way connectivity, providing a single point for rate upload and controls in additional to delivery and auditing of reservations
  • Direct processing to CRS/PMS of GDS to sell, modify or cancel bookings
  • Instant availability enquiry from travel agent’s terminal with only open rates being shopped and available for booking.
  • Provision of rate parity across all 4 GDS’ through single point publication and rate management.
  • Fast, secure rate loading service provided by Xn globalRES for the submission of Rate Loading Instructions for negotiated rates.
  • Option to use Xn’s commission clearing services for travel agent commissions, thereby reducing the administrative resource overhead at hotel level.
  • Option to load property photographs and images through Leonardo, enhancing the visual appeal and saleability of the hotel.
  • Option to participate in consortia programmes, with RFP submitted through the Xn protel managed Lanyon Portal. Increase your hotel visibility to corporate clients and increase booking levels through these channels.




Web Bookings


Xn globalRES Web Booking System (WBS) is a fully customisable booking solution for direct reservations on your own web site.


The WBS booking pages mirror your web site branding to provide an optimal experience to your guests. The design of the booking pages can be carried out by Xn globalRES in accordance with your requirements or we can provide an API to your web site designers to allow them to create the user interface. Either way, WBS integrates seamlessly with your web site to ensure maximum confidence and conversion.



The latest release of WBS provides the following benefits:

  • A real time, 2-way interface with PMS (rates and availability upload, reservations download)
  • Searches and attaches reservation to the existing guest profile based on matching family name and email address
  • Multi-lingual capability with nationality flags for language change
  • Add-on packages suggested by type of rate – i.e room only rate suggests breakfast package, dinner package
  • Inventory packages provide for the ability to sell limited availability items by date range. i.e. 10 theatre tickets a day across a date range, spa treatments to be booked at least 2 days in advance, etc.
  • Multi-room type booking with different room types and package types for each room being defined within a single reservation
  • Alternate availability calendar automatically shown if selected dates not available
  • Best Available Rate calendar option shows best rates across selected days of a month.
  • User logon for individuals, corporate or travel agents allows reservations (with special rate if applicable) as well as amendments and cancellations to existing reservations
  • Supports logon with promotional code to access special offers



Channel Management


Xn globalRES provides powerful yet flexible channel management control for distribution to an ever increasing number of third party OTAs. Hotels may implement a single strategy, delivering rate parity across all channels, or utilise a comprehensive set of tools allowing customisation by channel:

  • Rate upload and availability
  • Room type availability and allocation management
  • Setting of any rate strategies i.e. minimum length of stay, close outs etc
  • Calculation of net rates and any commissions where appropriate





Our web-based Central Reservations System (CRS) enables reservations teams to independently create and maintain core reservation elements that are typically provided by an interface with the PMS.


The CRS allows reservations agents and global sales teams to maximise bookings and increase revenue opportunities through the provision of full set of reservation control tools without the need for costly hardware or access to the PMS. The dedicated CRS module provides for the creation and maintenance of room types, rate plans, rate details, booking rules, and restrictions across the GDS, OTAs, hotel web site, mobile and social media booking engines. Processes for creating, modifying, and cancelling reservations by way of the CRS without the need for full PMS access are also provided.



Xn protel’s OTA-based API provides for 2-way synchronisation of reservation data, profiles, room types, rate plans and room rates between CRS and PMS, i.e. supporting updates in both directions.