Xn Business Intelligence

Xn Business Intelligence (Xn BI) is a flexible business intelligence tool, which can be deployed as an on premise or cloud based solution. By connecting Xn BI to any PMS or POS system and by rolling up data into one executive dashboard, a powerful MIS platform is generated.  Other third party systems can be progressively connected, all leveraging the same application and permitting the linkage, blending and aggregation of data from multiple sources.



Business Discovery


From Business Intelligence to Business Discovery – making sense of your hotel data

The promise of BI software is to enable decision makers at all levels in a hotel organisation to leverage data for business advantage—to explore data, draw insights and meaningful conclusions and make better decisions. Traditional BI solutions have delivered reliable, operational data tied to pre-defined, static reports—but haven’t provided the self-service, on-the-fly, user-driven source of insight people crave for addressing daily business challenges.


Business users are becoming more vocal, demanding and influential than ever. Instead of buying traditional BI solutions, they’re choosing Business Discovery platforms like QlikView, which are characterised by three attributes:


  • a proprietary data structure to store and model data gathered from disparate sources, which minimises reliance on predefined drill paths and dimensional hierarchies
  • a built-in performance layer that obviates the need for aggregates, summaries and precalculations
  • an intuitive interface, enabling users to explore data without much training


Consumer driven change

People’s expectations of business software have changed dramatically during the last decade. Consumer apps, the search bar, status box, “like” button, and multitouch screen have transformed the way people explore, consume, and share information. Today, people want the same ease of use and high relevance from their business tools.




Xn BI, powered by QlikView, helps people to ask and answer their own questions and delivers insight for sharing through and a social and collaborative experience.


Data, People, Environment

Xn BI allows hotels to make decisions based on multiple sources of insight – data, people and the environment.

  • Self-service , user-driven business intelligence
  • On-the-fly reporting
  • Decision making based on multiple hotel data sources
  • Create knowledge, share and collaborate with peers





One Xn BI, any device

Xn BI delivers a compelling mobile experience that puts you in touch with your hotel data anywhere, anytime. There’s no learning curve. Just touch, pinch, zoom, and swipe to instantly access and explore a complete set of live data. Take advantage of being in a particular place at a particular time. Stay in touch while you’re on the run. See what’s happening with your business and make better decisions on the go.



Powered by QlikView on Mobile, you get a complete Business Discovery experience—including interactive analysis, rich visualisation, and associative search. Unlike other tools that require technical expertise to build


visualisations, QlikView on Mobile provides you with purpose-built apps you can interact with to make smarter, faster decisions wherever you are, 24×7. It’s also enterprise-proven, with browser-based client technology and server-side security and manageability.


Data Sources


Xn BI connects to protel, Xn POS, Xn globalRES and Synergi. However, its real strength lies in the fact that it can be connected to any 3rd party solution (in multiple data formats) to provide consolidated analysis on graphical, user-driven dashboards. Even if you do not use Xn protel solutions in your business, Xn BI can help you.



Third party systems we connect to include (but are not limited to):

  • Property Management Systems
  • Electronic Point of Sale
  • Distribution
  • Sales & Catering
  • Revenue Management Systems
  • Spa & Leisure Management Systems 
  • Accounting, Budget & Forecasting
  • Payroll
  • Membership
  • Market intelligence/rate shopping