“It’s all to do with the training: you can do a lot if you’re properly trained”

HRM Queen Elizabeth II


Even the best systems are only as good as their users. That’s why we place a significant emphasis on training before, during and after our implementations. We’re justifiably proud of the benefits our solutions can deliver and we work very hard to gain the confidence of your staff so that they take ownership and deliver results from the outset.


Many of our customers appoint system “champions”, key members of their team who are responsible for training new staff to the appropriate standard on an ongoing basis. Where required, however, this can be supplemented by Xn protel supplied training on an “as needed” basis.



On Site


Despite the burgeoning interest in our cloud based offerings, the demand for on-site training remains high. We particularly recommend this approach during the initial implementation and where budget permits.


Our trainers will visit your property to deliver targeted training content to small groups of staff. We can train all staff, or implement a “train the trainer” program, as required.




Remote training is a viable option for existing users seeking to minimise their budget. By removing the increasingly high cost of travel, a cost efficient training program can be delivered using the latest web based tools.


To ensure the efficacy of this approach, we use our most experienced trainers to deliver remote training and ensure that participating staff are gaining maximum benefit.




Xn Certified E-Learning (XCEL) is an online, self-service training tool for our systems and solutions.


Of particular interest for larger organisations, with a significant focus on reducing training budget, XCEL provides video based tutorials and assessment tools for authorised staff. Each staff member is provided with access to the relevant modules and must achieve a certain pass rate before progressing. Department managers are provided with statistical reports on each of their team members.


For more information on XCEL, please email us or contact your nearest office.