Synergi is a cloud-based, multi-faceted, enterprise level, performance management solution for hotels and the hospitality industry. Synergi is a profit optimisation tool, enabling management and supervisors to maximise profits and return on investment to owners.


Developed by hotel operators for hotel operators, Synergi provides a centralised application that brings together all facets of business performance into one consolidated business dashboard.  Property-level and consolidated as well as group-wide business data is collected, processed, graphed and analysed for more meaningful decisions.



Synergi is a unique product and a far more efficient way of looking at your entire business and associated data. Synergi can be linked to multiple data sources including PMS, Accounting, Payroll, POS and Energy systems to transform raw operations data into more meaningful business insights. Graphical comparisons of revenues and other business critical KPIs including costs, forecasts, web site rates, competitive set, roster analysis, sales team targets and energy usage, are all available within a completely modular, scalable package.


Synergi is a modular product that whilst best utilized as a complete package, can be used on smaller scale with just one or two modules. Click on the tabs below to learn more about the main modules.





Synergi’s Sales module provides management with a sales productivity tool that gives staff direct customer information from the PMS.  Through a series of dashboards, it enables management to manage staff productivity, compare materialisations against budgeted business, display market charts and utilise a sales planner to organise staff call patterns.





Synergi’s powerful Yield module enables managers and staff to examine forward holdings and projections, make yield decisions, compare occupancy and rate against last year, budget and forecast, view competitor rates, and make rate updates all in an easy to interpret graphical interface.





Operational efficiency is where most hotels can make significant impact on their bottom line. Synergi’s Operations module enables managers to ensure optimal trading levels are maintained through the clever use of time and attendance, rostering, housekeeping productivity, houskeeping room assignment and wage optimisation dashboards.





The Budget module wthin Synergi is a powerful scenario builder providing hoteliers with a multitude of reporting options. Interfacing directly with accounting systems, Synergi develops budgets and forecasts according to defined scenarios to provide staff with detailed profit and loss statements over any period.



Other Modules



Synergi’s Employee module provides managers with an easy to use HR tool to manage the administrative aspects of staff employment. Areas include performance reviews, employee details and pay rates, training and bonus payments.



Happy guests are the cornerstone of business growth for all hotels. Synergi’s Guest module provides detailed graphs on all aspects of the guest experience from the time they first make contact with the hotel to the time they leave. These are all displayed in rich colours and easy to interpret graphs.



Energy usage is a major expense within hotels. With Synergi’s Energy module, managers can examine live energy usage provided (from an approved EMS) and make positive decisions on how to manage and reduce energy consumption immediately.