Reservation Assistant

Reservation Assistant is the world’s leading spa, activity and dining management solution providing a holistic and enterprise-wide solution with superior integration enabling your business to excel in a competitive industry.


Reservation Assistant manages a number of key operations / departments and can be used as a resort-wide tool for:

Reservation Assistant



In today‘s market, successful spa, dining and leisure management is a great challenge. The optimum allocation of staff, rooms and booking times, package administration, gift certificate management, membership administration, guest satisfaction, and above all profitability – requires information provided at your finger tips, needs analysis at a pulse, and information and reporting on demand.



Reservation Assistant equips your business with the tools needed to succeed in business. Guest expectations met, operations controlled, and seamless, providing a clear Return on Investment.

  • Rich in features, yet simple by design
  • Scalable according to your needs
  • Enhanced graphical user interface to ‘know’ at a glance
  • Integrated as needed, be that property management, finance, inventory,
    credit card/payments, web and others
  • Know your past, present and future members and guests
  • Optimise resources effectively – stock, staff, rooms, and equipment
  • Reach your target audience with enhanced CRM tools
  • Forms, receipts, confirmations, gift vouchers, mail outs – all tailored to your needs



  • Complete solution across all business areas and touch points
  • Seamless integration with your existing solutions
  • Easy User Interface with booking wizards
  • User defined colours, guest database modelling
  • Feature rich, yet simple by design
  • Personalised stationery from gift vouchers to receipts and confirmations
  • Modular and subsequently scalable to suit your needs as your business grows



Spa & Salon

The installation of Reservation Assistant begins with our consultants gaining an intimate knowledge of your business, it’s goals and objectives, issues and requirements to ensure we deliver an operational solution to meet the needs of your staff, management, procedures and practices, objectives, as well as flexibility to deliver spa-goer choice.

Xn protel takes a partnering role in assisting and supporting you with Reservation Assistant, not just in supporting software, but by providing advice, business best-practice, procedural and recommendation to ensure you have all the controls to manage your business.


It’s all in the detail:

Reservation Assistant equips your spa or salon with the tools needed to succeed. Guest expectations met, operations controlled, and fast and seamless delivery of information, providing you with a clear Return on Investment.

Here are just some of the key benefits and functionalities delivered:

    • Drag and drop, cut and paste, repeat, recur, track and trace
    • Unlimited views based on therapists, rooms, equipment, and a combination of all
    • Suggested best day/time of bookings, auto select best room and therapist
    • User-defined colour coding
    • Auto pricing based on client, member, time of day, season, day, and the like
    • Group series bookings and group capabilities
    • SMS and email confirmations and reminders
    • Customised design of receipts, invoices, confirmations, gift vouchers, etc
    • Extensive built-in reports – resources, guest, journals, financial, cancellation, lost business, stock and purchasing, sales and statistical, graphical, membership, and so on
    • Wait-listing, tentative and confirmed bookings with cancellation charging
    • Gift voucher and gift card capabilities with declining value, and expiry,
    • Deposits and pre-payment support Charge to member account, health insurance settlements
    • PMS interfaces, bank interfaces, credit card interfaces, access/gate control interfaces, finance system interfaces Support for bar coding, magnetic card reading, cash drawers and cameras
    • Membership management with price levelling, and recurring account charges
    • Guest, therapist, room and gender preferences
    • Extended attributes: such as hair, skin, body and other therapeutic details
    • Package management with exchange, a la carte, best of and price controlled
    • Mailings and campaigning to target clients as needed
    • Optional web bookings and web shop to sell retail and gift vouchers online


Fitness Management

Reservation Assistant has been developed to manage multi-faceted leisure and health centres covering all operational and management needs including membership management, retail sales and integrated POS, fitness and health bookings, assessments, staff scheduling, gym management, classes, courses, packages and much more.

Added controls such as check in / out module, validation of memberships, bank and credit card interfaces, financial control, credit limits, suspensions, group, peak and many other features and value all comes shipped with Reservation Assistant.

If need be go that extra mile to link Reservation Assistant to leading gym equipment, check in kiosks, access/gate control, membership validation, keyless or cardless member spend (i.e. – mag card wrist band or watch), or even a web booking and web shop for retail sales, member login and eReservations to classes, courses and health appraisals, are just some of the many options available.




Why Reservation Assistant:


Besides being proven as a system of stability, affordability, scalability and feature-richness, Reservation Assistant closes the gap between guest, operations and management by ensuring an integrated suite of modules all communicating seamlessly to deliver key benefits such as:

      • Membership module with individual, partner or group contracts and unlimited definitions to contracts
      • Click and book, drag and drop
      • Track visits and non-attendances
      • Book and track multi-visit passes and cards
      • Bank and other interfaces for charge and recurring charges
      • Mailings / marketing to solicit visits, member upgrades, retail sales, and usage
      • Email or SMS confirmations and reminders to reduce no-shows
      • Check in and out controls including contract and picture validation, balances owing and contract state
      • Track current, active, suspension, expired, terminated members, future and past
      • Manage upgrades and downgrades with ease
      • Track lost business, non renewal persons and the like
      • Multiple contracts per guest/member such as main, towel, parking, locker, and so on
      • Allow member access by day of week, time of day, number of visits allowed per day, week, month, and so on
      • Suspension / time-hold management
      • Bonuses, inclusions, price discounts and price levels on assigned items
      • Amortisation of contracts, pay in advance or in arrears
      • Varying payment and revenue frequencies as needed (i.e. – day, week, month, quarter, year, and so on)
      • Picture management for validation
      • Member card creation and design
      • Bar code and magnetic card support for creating and reading membership cards
      • Warnings and alerts on member balances, non payment, due amounts as well as set credit/spend limits

Golf Management

Golf is a more exclusive sport than ever, and golfers justifiably expect an exclusive service. The Golf Management module allows for flexible administration of tee times. Players’ handicaps are already considered when making a reservation. Trainers, golf carts, equipment and supplies can also be booked on demand, and you can easily shift and edit bookings in seconds using drag and drop.

The program can configure all reserved items separately and individually. For example, the tee-time reservation for an 18-hole round should not block the entire golf course for four hours, but it has to block the golf cart for this time frame and the booked golf pro for half an hour longer, since a short debriefing at the 19th hole is often part of the service.




The day-view function gives you information about the capacity of your golf courses at a glance. Daily reports show who your guests were, which tee times were booked and which items were reserved separately.


Since the Golf Management module works in conjunction with all the other modules of Reservation Assistant, tee times can be included in packages and vouchers for tee times can be printed. This integration also protects you against double bookings, since the system does not allow reservations for spa treatments and tee times for the same guest at the same time.

The golf management module works together with all other modules of Reservation Assistant. Therefore tee-times can be included in packages, and vouchers for tee-times can be printed. Additionally, this integration protects you against double bookings, since the system does not allow reservations for spa treatments and tee-times for one guest at the same time.

The golf shop is also directly linked to other departments, which means that your guests’ purchases in the golf shop are automatically charged to their hotel bill.

In addition, with our Web Engine, you can offer your guests a convenient self-service website whereby they can make their own reservations and purchase products, making it easier than ever to plan an unforgettable golf experience.


Your Benefits

      • Reservation of tee-times with golf carts and supplies
      • Colour-Coded reservation status
      • Drag and drop tee-time editing
      • Player handicap tracking
      • Multiple course management
      • Full-day views of all golf courses
      • Integration into package management
      • Integration into voucher management
      • Online booking
      • Mobile booking


Table Management

The Table Management module of Reservation Assistant enables fast and effective table bookings, capacity planning, seating and guest management within food and beverage outlets. Using this module results in automation of bookings, increased guest satisfaction, increase of revenues, seating optimisation and more.



Food and beverage outlets need constant review to ensure the ability to accommodate patrons, members & hotel guests, meet service expectation and maximise seating allocation (and therefore revenues).
Minimising manual effort, reducing paperwork, simplifying procedures and improving service delivery are all being strived for day in and day out. Keeping the momentum is exhaustive yet necessary..


Reservation Assistant’s Table Management module equips your food and beverage outlets with the tools needed to overcome these challenges, improve guest service delivery and above all increase revenues from the optimisation of seating based on demand.




Key Benefits:

        • Visual overlay of the outlet , section and meal period, with zoom
        • Click and book, drag and drop
        • Manage waitlists, tentative, confirmed and cancelled bookings
        • Minimise late arrivals and no-shows
        • Warnings, alerts and utilisation checks such as over / under book, conflicts or best seating alerts
        • Guest preference management including seating preferences
        • Track visit purpose, special event, dietary and other notices and visit details
        • Email or SMS confirmations and reminders to reduce no-shows
        • Manage an unlimited number of sites, departments, outlets, sections, sub-sections, meal periods/seatings and events (such as cocktails, weddings, seminars, boardroom, classroom style, banquet, and the like)
        • Book back-to-back, overbook, or stagger seating as needed
        • Check in and out tables
        • Create multiple or recurring bookings at once



No doubt, a website has become a must-have for all spas. But providing just static content is no longer enough in today´s dynamic mobile world. Today spas have to be within immediate reach of their guest. Book spa appointments and buy vouchers – anytime from smartphones With the TAC Web and App Engine, your guests have informationally rich access to your spa´s services and activities, even after closing time.


What’s more, the RA iGuest app provides an inviting experience for the purchase of gift certificates, retail products and special promotions – All this from the convenience of mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads. The iGuest mobile app work in real time with your primary Reservation Assistant system. Guest reservations and sales completed via the mobile app immediately appear on the Reservation Assistant availability screens.


Product inventory, employee schedules, and treatment room allocation plans are all immediately updated. iGuest will help avoid no-shows by sending reminders of appointments by email and SMS. Gift Certificate purchasing via the mobile app provides the same great features found in TAC’s acclaimed Reservation Assistant Web store.


Clients can enter a recipient’s name and address information along with a personalised message. A PDF certificate can be sent by email and\or scheduled for printing for mail delivery. When sent by email, the recipient can print the voucher at home or open it on a smartphone during their visit to your property. The barcode printed on the voucher protects against fraud, clerical errors and double redemption.