protel Air

protel Air is a browser-based PMS and a true, cloud native, Software as a Service (SaaS) application, which is hosted in a secure data centre environment by protel Hotelsoftware GmbH.

SaaS solutions enable hotels to outsource the hardware, software and data to the Internet “cloud”. protel Air is an ideal solution for hoteliers who require flexibility, reliability and security from their chosen suppliers of business critical systems.

  • Free of manual hardware and software installations, updates or maintenance
  • Guaranteed data protection and privacy
  • Low initial investment
  • Only Internet browser and connection are required (desktop and mobile)
  • Platform independent (Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, iOS or Android)
  • Highly scalable application, easily adjustable to increasing demands


protel Air is a comprehensive PMS, supporting front and back office operations in a hotel. protel Air interfaces to third party systems such as PoS, PABX, Pay TV and distribution, as well as providing intuitive mobile solutions and apps. Some highlights:

protel Air Active Desktop


The “active desktop” presents clearly structured lists of all important reservations data, with drill down to allow fast access to bookings, guest profiles and other useful information.


protel Air Room Type Plan


Availability and individual/multi room type (unallocated) bookings.

protel Air Room Plan


Quickly reserve specific rooms for individuals or entire tour groups, change bookings as needed and access all guest information.

protel Air Guest Profile


protel Air enables comprehensive guest profiles to be built and stored. Clearly structured tabs allow easy access to address and contact data and provide comprehensive reservation and invoice/revenue history.

protel Air Reporting


How many guests are staying at your hotel? What countries are they from? How many checked in today? How many checked out? What rooms still need to be cleaned? What is today’s revenue and what in-room balances remain to be settled? protel Air includes a comprehensive suite of reports for effective hotel management.

protel Air Active Lists


Active lists allow for easier, interactive management of reservations and guests. Sort by name, show or hide certain columns or use filters to define which information is to be displayed. Open a reservation or a guest profile, send out reservation confirmations or generate an invoice.

protel Air Housekeeping


The housekeeping module provides real time room status and maintenance tracking to streamline the interaction between housekeeping and front desk staff.

The explosion in tablet and smart phone usage and the proliferation of apps now available opens up a world of opportunity for the tech savvy hotelier. protel Air has been designed from the ground up with mobile in mind and a number of apps have already been conceived/released to complement the system and provide users with a competitive edge.

“protel Air for iPad” is an optional add-on for protel Air and provides all classic front office functions – and more – on the iPad.


Spare your guests unnecessary waiting time and check them in while greeting them (they can even electronically sign registration cards on the iPad – no paper needed), retrieve and edit current statistics during meetings or use the iPad as a “floating front desk” to flexibly manage peak seasons.

“protel Air Housekeeping” is a mobile app which replicates the housekeeping features in the main system through an intuitive user interface designed specifically for smartphones. Housekeeping staff use the app to identify which rooms are vacant and require cleaning, update room status in real time and even generate Lost & Found and maintenance records, using the integrated camera function to attach pictures, where required.