Guest Mobile App

Xn protel has teamed up with Neorcha to create a class-leading, customisable guest app with real time, seamless integration to Xn protel’s core products, as well as leading third party hospitality solutions.


The ability for guests to manage their profile, make, view and cancel room, restaurant and spa/activity bookings enhances the value of the app, encourages use, generates loyalty and optimises incremental revenue opportunities.


Guest Mobile App


The Neorcha application enables hotels of any size to deliver best in class guest services via its unique mobile platform – guests interact easily and seamlessly with hotel brands anywhere, anytime and on any device. Hoteliers use the platform to manage their guest’s mobile experience across their entire IT landscape, with deep and seamless integration with PMS, POS, Spa/Activity, CRS, CRM systems and more.


Xn protel works closely with hotels and chains to understand operational and business needs and to tailor the solution accordingly. We understand the hospitality business inside out, and our industry experience means we can help create efficient and cost-effective solutions to revolutionise the way you think about your end to end guest experience.



Neorcha delivers best-in-class guest services via its unique Mobile platform



myHotel App

Revolutionise your hotel guest experience

  • Your guests increasingly expect it. Mobile technology dominates modern lives and guests expect to be able to integrate smart technology in their daily activities with a view to making things easier, quicker or better for them.
  • It’s quick and easy to use and can drive additional bookings and revenue. Your guest’s experience is enhanced at the same time as your acquisition costs are reduced. Why? You are less dependent on online travel agencies.
  • Anything that improves the guest experience increases loyalty. Neorcha myHotel makes trip planning easy and accessible from your guests’ mobiles or tablets, enabling them to customise their trip and change it on the move.
  • Plus, you can revolutionise your in-house guest experience with Neorcha’s Guest Services Module which links your concierge and other services with your guests’ devices. They can book taxis, request room cleaning and facilities from the restaurant, by the pool, anywhere…

myCheck-in App

For guests, check-in can often be a frustrating experience at the end of a long day. The myCheck-in app can transform this pain point in the guest journey into a positive first impression.

  • Queuing time is reduced or eliminated and check-in is quicker
  • Reception staff are freed up to provide a warmer welcome to those guests who need particular help.
  • myCheck-in app creates a true VIP experience: it’s like upgrading from business to first class without the price tag. Hotel staff can create an experience based on their guest history – from which welcome drink they like to the time of their wake-up call and which newspaper they read. You can even check when their flight has landed thanks to the alerts functionality that can connect airport staff to your staff.
  • Printing and other administration tasks are reduced as documents and files can be held on the system.