“The world’s smartest call-for-service button”

Dinggly is a revolutionary device for restaurants, hotels and other ‘at table’ service providers.

dinggly protoype



Dinggly is very different to traditional call-for-service or paging systems. It is unique because every button is connected to the Cloud, recognising every table and every server. It also has a rating feature.

So as well as requesting attention, Dinggly asks customers for their opinion on their experience, tells operators how long customers are waiting and how busy servers are.
This gives deep insight into the efficiency and quality of service. Plus by alerting managers of low ratings, Dinggly provides the opportunity to redress issues whilst customers are still on-site.


What is Dinggly


Why Dinggly?

Dinggly enables you to track opinion and identify disappointed customers whilst they are still on site.
Dinggly is unique as it asks customers to rate their experience directly with establishments. Guests simply rate by pushing a button as they request their bill.
Because Dinggly tracks all of this feedback in real-time, and identifies servers, it provides operators with an unmatched level of insight into customer opinion: by location, by time, by shift and by server.
Low ratings automatically trigger alerts with an on-site manager. This gives the opportunity to redress any issues with customers before they get their bill.
It allows operators to maximise customer retention and resolve issues in a timely and efficient manner, without escalation to customer service departments.
Exclusive to Dinggly, being able to manage opinion in this way provides every opportunity to protect and enhance an online reputation.


Increase Revenue

Allowing guests to request service at the push of a button
Making it easier to order increases sales. Just consider the effort online retailers give to creating a really efficient sales interface.
Making it easier for guests to request service follows exactly the same principle. Using Dinggly to request attention means there’s no need for customers to divert from a conversation or try to capture a server’s eye. Service is just a discrete button-press away.
Putting extra call buttons in areas not fully serviced, like a lobby or garden, allows ordering without those areas being constantly staffed. Service coverage can be greatly increased in a cost effective manner.*
These areas can be flagged within the Dinggalytics reporting system, so operators know exactly how many extra orders they’re receiving. Evaluating staff levels and calculating the return on investment is simple.
Dinggly also helps deliver a quality, innovative service experience. The buttons log and prioritise requests for either server attention (such as when customers are ready to order), or bill requests. Customers can relax knowing they’ll be served promptly and fairly.
Via any connected device (such as smart phone or watch), serving staff and management can see exactly which tables have requested service or bills and in which order. This simplifies a server’s job and allows them to focus on their most important duty – being a great host!


Improve Communication

Link kitchens and servers, with order collection messaging
As well as allowing customers to request service, Dinggly’s back-of-house module also alerts servers when food or drink orders are available for collection.
This fully integrated option means kitchen and bar staff are able to alert the relevant server(s) just by touching the table number on a tablet app. Servers are alerted via their wrist pagers.
When servers collect the orders, Dinggly cancels the instruction and identifies the server. So as well as creating a vital link between the kitchen and serving staff, it’ll tell you how long orders are left waiting and who is collecting them!


Reduce Costs

Improve your operation efficiency and drive down costs with service performance metrics
Dinggly is different, with every button connected to the Cloud, and the ability to recognise every table and server. This means it can give real-time metrics on service performance and customer opinion.
Via our information suite, Dinggalytics, clients are provided with a wealth of operational information, presented through an insightful dashboard.

Dinggly drive down costs
Dinggalytics displays information in a highly intuitive way. It can advise on::

  • how long guests wait to be served
  • the average time a guest spends at an establishment
  • how busy/idle each individual server is, and the service team as a whole
  • how guests rate their experience
  • where establishments are understaffed/overstaffed
  • comparative measures between different establishments


Dinggalytics comes in standard and Pro versions, the latter being more suited to large enterprises looking for cross-location cross-brand comparative performance data.
In addition to it’s escalation alert system, Dinggalytics also sends mobile and email notifications to senior teams when performance falls below minimum targets.


Let Dinggly help you to remain on top of service efficiency, keep your customers happy and increase revenue.


We’ve made it as simple as possible for operators to take advantage of Dinggly:


Low up-front investment. Dinggly equipment costs are spread over 12 months, after which all the equipment is yours.
Dinggly is supplied on a cost-effective monthly license fee basis which covers ongoing support and data access fees (Dinggalytics Lite or Dinggalytics Pro)


Low risk. There’s a minimum contract of just three months. We want customers to stay because they want to, not because they’re tied into contracts.


A stand-alone solution. Install Dinggly without the need for heavyweight IT support, integration or investment. We do, however, have a standard POS integration API which allows Dinggly to integrate with your existing POS system if, for example, you would like bill requests to automatically trigger bill prints on your POS system.


Pre-configured. Your Dinggly system will arrive ready to be used straight out of the box. Minimal training is required and support is available.


Flexible alert systems. Different operators choose to alert their servers in different ways, be it through pager, tablet or large display monitor(s). Dinggly can provide all this, including a combination within the same establishment, meaning you can alert staff in a way appropriate to their experience, skills and workload.


Your data displayed your way. Dinggalytics is customisable to reflect the aspirations of your establishments. Set your own benchmarks, targets and alert levels and Dinggalytics structures itself to present what matters to you.