Customer Support

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

Walt Disney


We recognise that we operate in a highly competitive market. We’re fortunate enough to have feature-rich, stable products at competitive prices, but we also understand that after-sales service is what sets suppliers apart and we work very hard to differentiate ourselves in this area.


Wherever possible, we focus on preventative maintenance through the use of automated monitoring tools. This often allows us to address issues even before our clients become aware of them.


As part of our support services, we provide regular software updates to ensure that our customers benefit from the latest functionality and technology trends.






We provide 24/7/365 cover at each of our support centres around the world. Our customers enjoy consistency of support from local teams in each territory.


We work hard to maintain the human touch in our support operation. We harness rather than depend upon background technology to monitor response times, priority handling and support staff knowledge, but our core focus is on customer service and the understanding that all calls, no matter how minor, must be dealt with quickly, courteously and effectively.


Online Self-Service


Whilst we place an emphasis on the benefits of direct communication between you, the customer, and our support teams, we also recognise that users of our systems are often mid-service and would prefer to log non-urgent calls via the web in their own time.


Our self-service support tool is an integral part of our Helpdesk system and has been successfully adopted by the vast majority of our customers. If you are a customer who has not yet registered for online support,  please email us on


On Site Services


Despite the prevalence of technology in customer service environments, we recognise the value of face-to-face contact when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship with our customers. Our on site services include:


  • Refresher training
  • Configuration reviews
  • Technical tasks (hardware replacement, IT consultancy, etc.)
  • Post-live implementation reviews
  • Ongoing account meetings