“If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster”

Stephen R. Covey


Bad advice can be costly. Good consultancy is invaluable. As the pace of technology development quickens, it becomes increasingly difficult (and expensive) for management to keep abreast of the latest trends affecting their department.


Xn protel occupies a unique position in the hospitality space, working with a range of solutions that touch all aspects of our customers’ business – Front Office, Reservations, Revenue, Distribution, Food & Beverage, Finance, Sales & Marketing, IT and Operations, for example.


Our fundamental approach to projects is consultative by nature, calling upon many combined years of experience to assist hotel owners and operators gain the maximum possible return from business processes and from investments in IT assets.  Through a proven methodology of case-study based programmes relating to web booking, revenue management and cost optimisation, we assist hotel operators with programmes such as “Optimising Market Rate Pricing”,  “SEO and your Booking Web Site” and “Dynamic Management KPIs”.





Revenue generation is central to Xn protel’s suite of hotel solutions. Driven by constant interaction with diverse hospitality organisations around the world, our global team offers a unique and up-to-date insight on industry trends and the technology that drives them.


Xn protel provides revenue consultancy on:


▪   PMS Configuration

▪   Rate Management Strategies

▪   PMS interfacing to revenue management systems

▪   Web Site Optimisation

▪   PMS interfacing to distribution systems

▪   Revenue Reporting

▪   Search Engine Optimisation


Change Management


System implementations present many challenges affecting multiple departments across a hotel organisation. Front Office, Reservations, Finance, Sales & Marketing, F&B and senior management teams may all be heavily involved, whilst continuing to run their departments without business interruption.


Xn protel recognises the importance of change management in this context. From gaining the initial buy-in of key stakeholders to agreeing, documenting and implementing new standards to achieve substantial system benefits, we call upon our extensive experience to guide you through the change process in your organisation and ensure the most seamless transition possible.



Infrastructure & Network


Whether you are an independent hotel or a multi-national chain, your communications infrastructure is central to accelerating growth, driving efficiency and securing the assets you depend on. As an authorised Level 3 communications reseller and provider of hosting services for both our own and third party business systems, we have a unique understanding of your business needs and the network requirements to support them. Our business-centric approach means we are ideally placed to help you identify an optimal network implementation.


Xn protel provides consultancy on:


  • Hosting
  • Communications / Networking
  • Private Cloud Design
  • Hardware
  • Virtualisation
  • Infrastructure design
  • Disaster recovery / High Availability Planning
  • Database administration